Bespoke creations

Looking for some bespoke inspo for something little different, or just wanting to see some examples of custom balloon displays we've made before? You're in the right place šŸ˜

We've pulled together some of our favorite creations, big and small to give you an idea of what can be done.

Balloon walls and backdrops šŸŽˆ

A balloon wall or backdrop doesn't have to be flat and all one colour. We can create texture with multiple balloon sizes and colours. We can also make these as small or big as you need them, the skies the limit.

Balloon wall

Custom balloon arches and garlands šŸ’•

A great way to frame an entrance or put the spotlight on a beautiful backdrop. All of this can be customised, we love the giant doughnuts in this one. Just tell us what you'd like to see, we love getting creative.

Balloon and flower walls šŸŽ‚

The perfect center piece to frame a cake, be that a Birthday, Wedding or any other excuse for a cake. We're super versatile a can even add the extra pieces like pillars and props to really make it pop.

Balloon and flower wall

Don't see what you're after, no worries. Just drop us an email and we'll happily try and match our creation to your vision.